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The sea foods come from Vietnam’s 3260 kilometers of coastline and are primary caught from the sea and other is grown in farms.

Intimex considers that the seafood exporting is an important business part in the future. Vietnam Intimex Joint Stock Corporation is one of the largest seafood export companies in the North of Vietnam. We can supply great quantity of seafood products with high quality and in time.

Intimex has a lot of experts and well trained and experienced employees in seafood technology. We also has built two seafood export processing factories in Haiphong and Thanhhoa province. Otherwise, Intimex has made intimate relationships with domestic companies that they make together a closed and uninterrupted system from caught, feed, procession, frozen to package. So that Intimex has stable raw - material resources. Each product’s operated with global standard as well as US FDA’s/European Community’s seafood HACCP/EEC regulation.

Primary export products include shrimp, fish (fresh and frozen), squid (fresh and dried) and swimming crab…The leading export markets are USA, Japan, EURO, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan...In addition, Intimex has a supermarket system in Hanoi to meet frozen and fresh seafood’s demands , now.

With above advantages, we are sure that seafood export will develop more and more.
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